Morocco is a remarkable and incredible trekking destination from all over the world. It offers visitors from all over the world many trekking sights that we are proud to offer you the opportunity to experience them.


The Anti-Atlas extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of Morocco toward the Northeast to the heights of Ouarzazate and further east to the city of Tafilalt (altogether a distance of 500 km or Approximately 310 miles).

In the south it borders the Sahara. The easternmost points of the anti-Atlas are the Djebel Sarhro Mountains and its eastern boundary is set by sections of the High Atlas range.



The Middle Atlas is a portion of the Atlas mountain range. It is the combination of three Atlas Mountains chains that define a wide platitude basin extending eastward into Algeria.

South of the Middle Atlas and separated by the Moulouya and Oum Er-Rbia rivers, the High Atlas stretches for 700 km (430 mi) with a succession of peaks Among All which then reach above 4,000 meters (13,000 ft).

North of the Middle Atlas and separated by the Sebu River, the Rif mountains are an extension of the Cordillera Baetic (Baetic mountains, All which include the Sierra Nevada) in the south of Spain.

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