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This tour is mainly designed for couples who are looking to spend a good quality time together and relax in some of the most charming and mesmerizing cities in our beautiful Morocco.We have planned plenty of fun activities and exotic escapes for you so you will feel totally secluded and get you away from all the busy hustle of your normal life.We assure you the most experienced, friendly and multi languages speaking drivers and guides throughout the entire tour.We also assure you the most comfortable vehicles you can find in the market to ensure your total comfort and safety.You will learn more about it by going through the detailed itinerary we have here for you.

Day 1


Upon your arrival, your driver will be picking you up from the airport and depending on your arrival time he will be taking you either to your hotel to rest or take you on a tour to the Hassan ll mosque which is considered to be the largest religious monument in Morocco and the 7th in the world with the tallest minaret at 210 meters. An exotic dinner will be waiting for you in your hotel or riad.

Day 02


Once you finish your breakfast your driver will be picking you up and heading to your next destination which is one of Morocco’s most breathtaking places. The small town of Oualidia located 1 hour drive from El Jadida (75 km) on the Atlantic coast is well worth the nickname "Blue Pearl of Morocco." This small town, former fishing village has the particularity of being both close to the powerful and almost telluric waves of the ocean and a calm and quiet lagoon where its blue waves are reminiscent of some shores of the Mediterranean. The beach of fine blond sand protected by a bay of rock and which extends then in lagoon that one can follow on foot for kilometers is superb. Pretty little shady boats can also take you around to the delight of tourists. As soon as you get away from the city, which has become pretty because the cityscape has recently been renovated, we feel perfectly good because nature is everywhere. The specialty of the city of Oualidya is oysters, seafood and spider crabs that fishermen can make you enjoy under a parasol on the beach. We are sure that today’ journey will amaze you but the fun is not over yet since once you get to your hotel or riad you will find a nice romantic dinner waiting for you to finish your day in beauty.

Day 03


After you get your breakfast in your hotel or riad you driver will be picking you up and now we head to your next destination which is Marrakech, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. Once you get to your destination you will have some time to rest then we have planned a private guided visit of the city with a private professional multi languages speaking guide who will be picking you up from your place of residence. Your tour will start by the Majorelle Garden which is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. It took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of passion and dedication to create this delightful garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”. In 1947 he opened his gardens to the public and, through this period he also painted a glorious ceiling at The Mamounia hotel. Afterwards we will be heading to The Koutoubia Mosque which is the largest one in Marrakesh; the mosque is ornamented with curved windows, a band of ceramic inlay, and decorative arches with a large plaza overflowing with magnificent gardens. Once we finish with this historical mosque we will head to the Jewish quarter or Mellah Founded in 1558 by Moulay Abdallah, your guide will be walking you through this entire district and giving you a full resume concerning the history of this area including the Jewish culture and presence in Morocco. Your tour will continue on to the Saadian Tomb which dates back to the Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603) and which were only discovered in 1917. Once discovered they were restored by the Beaux-Arts service and because of the beauty of their decoration, they have been a major attraction for visitors in Marrakech. You will be taken back to your hotel or riad after this guided visit of Marrakech and enjoy the rest of the day at your free paste. Dinner will be served at your hotel or riad.

Day 04

MARRAKECH (private visit of The Ouzoud Waterfalls)

Once you get to enjoy your breakfast in your riad or hotel, your driver will be picking you up and taking you on a full journey of fun and excitement since we have a planned a great escape to some of the most magnificent waterfalls around Marrakech. Today’s tour takes you through the Ouzoud Waterfalls where you will get to be a part of spectacular scenery with amazing views of nature. Ouzoud Waterfalls are one of the most popular sites to visit from Marrakech for tourists and locals. Located just 167km from Marrakech it drops about 110m into the canyon of Oued el-Abid creating such mesmerizing waterfalls. As you go down into the cool of the canyon, past the late-afternoon rainbow mists to the pools at its base the view only keep getting more impressive to observe. Once you are done with this short trip your driver will be taking you back to your hotel or riad in Marrakech where you will enjoy a nice dinner and get ready for tomorrow’s journey.

Day 05


After you get to enjoy your breakfast we will be officially saying good bye to Marrakech and head to one of Morocco’s most exotic and special cities which is Essaouira of course. Your driver will be picking you up from your riad or hotel then heading the road to your next destination. Essaouira is at once familiar and exotic with its fortified walls, fishing harbor and seagulls soaring and screaming over the town. At first it seems as though this could be a town in Brittany or France due to its Portuguese style. Essaouira used to have the name “Mogador” by sailors and traders. It is well known for its Gnaoua festival held around the month of June. It is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage city. The modern name means "the little rampart" as a reference to the fortress walls that still enclose part of the city. A private tour is planned for you once we get to Essaouira which will take you through the sunlit pedestrian main square where you can enjoy a coffee or a mint tea then go for a walk through the Skala. You will also get to enjoy the fishing port of the city which offers a breathtaking view of the Portuguese ramparts. Fresh fish and mouth watering seafood is always available in case you want a taste of it. You won’t be disappointed if you are after local musician instruments because Essaouira is just full of them, as well as unique and exotic jewelry markets. During your tour you will get the chance to enjoy this charming artist colony around its lovely white-washed and blue shuttered houses, numerous galleries all around the hidden streets of the old part of the city and thuya wood workshops.

Day 06


We haven’t planned much for you today so we will leave you the day to scroll around the beautiful old town of the city on your own paste and take in all what it has to offer. We recommend you to go watch the sunset over the “Skala square” which we are sure will take your breath away. Tourists come every year from all over the world just so they can assist this mesmerizing sunset here in Essaouira which is considered one of the best sunsets in the world so you are in for a special treat. Dinner is served in your riad or hotel in Essaouira.

Day 07


Once you enjoy your breakfast in your riad or hotel we will be heading to your next destination which is Agadir, one of the most beautiful and modern cities of Morocco. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, the city has been entirely rebuilt with set seismic values. It is now the largest seaside resort in Morocco, where tourists and many residents are attracted by an unusually mild all year-round climate. Agadir is considered to be one of the major urban centers of Morocco and the seventh largest metropolis of the country. It is also one of the main cities in Morocco situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the bottom of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Sous River flows into the ocean. This city is well known by its massive walls of the Kasbah representing an appropriate historic attraction. There are excellent views over the town from its position dating from the mid-16th century and once used to house a bustling population within its walls. Dinner will be served at your riad or hotel in Agadir.

Day 08

Drop off

Today our journey in Morocco comes to an end so your driver will be picking you up from your riad or hotel and dropping you of in your departure point.

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