Horse and camel riding WITH MOROCCO VIP TOURS

Morocco offers all his visitors a great variety of horse and camel riding sights from the desert to the mountains and as well as the beach sights.

With its long Atlantic coastline Essaouira lies on the west of the coast which is very popular amongst the Moroccans.

It can be blustery at times but the long miles of beautiful sandy beaches and small fishing ports make up for this and make it one of the greatest destinations in morocco for horse and camel riding.

In the cooler months, the horses spend their winter deep in the Moroccan desert.

Through these trail rides you can experience the vastness of the desert dominated by the majestic Atlas Mountains and interspersed with kasbahs, oasis, dunes and small adobe villages.

Among horse riding comes along the fantasia which is considered a cultural performance and a kind of martial art; it also symbolizes a strong relationship between the man and the horse, as well as an attachment to tradition

In Morocco: fantasia performances are usually during local seasonal, cultural or religious festivals, also called “moussem”. And by choosing our services you could be a part of this spectacular show and live a typical Moroccan experience.

We appreciate having you with us and thank you for offering us the opportunity to be a part of your visit to our beautiful Morocco.


Don’t hesitate to ask us for any special requests concerning the tours we provide you. We are always flexible for all your valuable suggestions.

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